Nabari Rant #3: Yoite and Spirituality (Still Being Completed)

Stepping out of an American Catholic High School on the day of my graduation it was easy enough to look back, mock, resent, and hate almost everything about standard Catholic dogma that had been shoved down my throat for the duration of my high school education. As it stands, I still remain the only member of my family not belonging to a specific religion and prefer to simply refer to myself as non-religious bordering on agnostic if really pressed. This is disregarding my entirely staunch Irish Catholic upbringing that, in my younger years was something I found quite appealing, but after a few major upsets with the church, coming to the US, and a more than unpleasant experience in a Catholic educational institution, all of it, even my pleasant childhood memories, has been soured.

Thus comes to the point of this Nabari rant, and it is about Nabari, or more specifically Yoite, as per usual, considering I am not here to analyze myself. Let me start by saying that when looking for a muse with which to apply to Kannagara, I by no means was looking for a religious/spiritual character, in fact there were a few that I avoided specifically for that reason. Therefore, when I finally picked and applied with Yoite I hardly expected to be doing as much spiritual analyzation as I am doing now. 

And there are several reasons for this. The biggest being that my perception of Yoite's character has greatly changed since I took him on and continues to change still. Everyday. In the beginning, I , very much like Yoite, regarded Sora's experiences in the church as just that - 'Sora's' experience. Something done, completed, and passed. And furthermore, I had assumed upon my first  reading that whilst Sora had visited the church several times, what his understanding of it was was invariably non religious, considering he showed no understanding of any Catholic or religious teaching and seemed to only like the stained glass, as attested by the priest. However, I was almost immediately proven wrong about this as in Yoite's second week in Kannagara the infamous 'Chibi Event' took place and all too soon did I have Sora in my hands and was faced with the challenge of trying to understand and explain what his perception of church, death, and faith were. For this  I had to reread Nabari (the first in what has come to be many many rereadings now) and I realized that what I had done was I had made the mistake that most people who only read the series once make. I had taken my information from the very surface of that scene, the superficial, and the obvious and had dedicated no time to really comprehend it or try and see how it applied to who Sora would inevitably become - Yoite. I realized whilst Sora and Yoite might not have an understanding of religion in the terms we normally associate with faith, such as 'Catholicism' 'Believer' so on and so forth, his character was full to bursting with the extremely spiritually based aspects of 'innocence' 'purity' and what I have to believe is his own form of 'faith.'

These have only become more and more obvious to me as I explore the overlapping between Yoite and Sora' mentalities, and probably culminated the strongest in the Yoite's death scene because of a certain Allen Walker who presented in that moment a much more solid tangible presence of 'faith' that was enough to re-anchor Sora's memories to Yoite's and to form a solid connection there. All of a sudden what was Sora's 'faith' - the stained glass, something beautiful in the distance that he couldn't reach and felt he didn't deserve but could still believe in - crossed time and met with Yoite's faith - a belief in the greater good at the sacrifice of himself, or 'evil.'

Kanna and ATW playlists (on-going)


If I Ever Leave This World Alive
- Flogging Molly (My general Kannagara song)

Kings and Queens - 30 Seconds to Mars (general Kannagara song)

Lullabye for a Stormy Night - Vienna Teng  (Gau and Yoite) 

Eric's Song - Vienna Teng (Gau and Yoite)

The End - Drawn to Life (Gau and Raikou - though I am unsure if this will remain applicable, its more for the old Raikou and Gau)

Missing - Evanescene (This song applies to Yoite's running away and dying)

Never Say Never - Justin Bieber / Jaden Smith (Dre) *This is obvious and I do not like Justin Bieber, but this song HAD to be included

Weapon - Matthew Good Band (Allen ) 

Possession - Sarah McLachlan (Yoite, also works for ATW yoite) 

The King Must Die
- Elton John (Lelouch - please note i've neither read/watched all of Code Geass)

Europa - Globus (Lelouch - note above note )

Angels Would Fall - Melissa Etheridge (Yoite and Allen dynamic around Yoite's death and right after)

Rescued - Jack's Mannequin (Yoite's view of Kannagara)


Closing Time - Green Day (general ATW song)

When the World Ends
- Dave Matthews Band (general ATW song)

Gravity - Vienna Teng (Raikou and Gau)

Say - John Mayer (Yoite)

Come Little Children - As arranged by Kate the Great (Sora)

Dead Boy's Poem - Nightwish (Sora/Yoite)

Bring on the Wonder
- Susan Enan (Nabari no Ou cast)

Beautiful Goodbye - Amanda Marshall (Raikou and Gau prior to dating)

Antebellum - Vienna Teng (Raikou and Gau prior to dating)

Alert Status Red - Matthew Good Band (Kankuro)

Protege Moi
- Placebo (Yoite, Gau, Raikou, Kankuro... maybe more?) 

Fred Astaire - Lucky Boy's Confusion (Raikou)

Nothing Without You - Vienna Teng (Raikou and Gau - pre dating, thank you sayo for this one ^__^ )

Original Sin - Elton John (Yoite's perspective of Kankuro)

Bleeding Love
- Leona Lewis (Iruka/Kakashi - thank you Mrry for this one XD as well as 'Closing Time')

- The Killers (Yoite)

Beautiful - Eminem (Kankuro's view of Yoite - thank you again Mrry ^__^ )

Restless - Alison Krauss ( Gau/Raikou)

Crazy As Me - Alison Krauss (Yoite)

Winter - Joshua Radin (Yoite)

No envy, No Fear -  Joshua Radin (Raikou)

Speeding Cars - Imogen Heap (Raikou and Gau)

Everything Louder than Everything Else - Meatloaf (Kankuro)

The Tide - Spill Canvas (Kankuro's childhood)

Crack Playlist:

Butterfly - DDR (Raikou and Gau)

Random Yoite Notes Gone Wrong

GAH. How did me trying to analyze Yoite's mind turn into THIS???

People should not tempt me to analyze how Yoite's mind might break.


The day Yoite breaks he will laugh with a voice that is not his own
And the doorman to his mind will say
“I apologize sir, but the child is not in, you see
He’s out for the day, for the year, for the lifetime or the hour
And he’ll not know his way back
For the minute hand on his wrist points him in every direction
But I’ll leave him a note
Here with the others
See how they gather so high that they’ve blocked all the windows?”

Yes, so high  he won’t see,
Beyond intentions and hopes
The mirror to tell him who he is, though he’ll stand on his toes
And above the roar of his blood
He won’t hear the voice
That knows the way

The way to what?
The road to where?
And what is the why for the where you are giving me the way to?



Close your eyes,

Turn around

The day I break don’t call my name

I never had one.

You never knew one.

You’ll see that the hand you held was attached to a mannequin
And now the pieces are clattering to the floor.
An arm then a leg
Hollow and white
Like bones
like bones

Not so beautiful, is it?
A doll without the eyes it pretended to see you with

The smile you liked to imagine

And the words from my mouth that you probably dreamed
Because I never said “help”
Despite what it seemed
Only carved into walls of a hollowed out train
Grown damp and cold with the night
And dark with the stain
Of a dead child’s fright

So let go of my hand, let me finish and break

Look away if you must

But there’s not much at stake

Look again, only dust

Only dust, not to fear

Because it will remind you

I never was here

Yoite a lie and Sora deceased

What you saw was a hoax

With no life in the least

....And when all this is over the doorman will say,
“Excuse me, good visitor, but I must lock this away
I must close up this place,
For the night, for the for the week, for the month and for the minute,
It is empty you know
New owners tomorrow
Can’t have you walking ‘round here all dirty like that.
Can’t you see don’t you see?
You’ve dust on your shoes.
No dust leave you here.

Be off with you, now
What do you linger here for?
There’s life to be had
Beyond the stoop of this door.

Just mind your step,
Try not to trip
Someone has left a dirty old hat
just there by the corner
And gloves on the porch
Don’t worry, I’ll get them,

I’ll clean up this mess.”


*siigghhhss* I have issues. ^ ^;;


More Doodles

Disney-style Yoite. (obvious pocahontas inspiration here XD but come on! she and yoite spend so much time striking dramatic poses with that "we are tall and hot" look)



I did the other Nabari characters too XD this one just happened to be lying closest to the scanner. I'll post the others soon.